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Positivekeepworkingallthetime negativeitonlytakesonce

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Unformatted text preview: s (O.D.) • Official Dress For: – Boys – Girls • Official Dress & FFA Jacket Rules: – Pledge Promoting Healthy P romoting Healthy Lifestyles • Why encourage a healthy lifestyle? • Your influence is greater than you think! – Positive ­ Keep working all the time – Negative ­ It only takes once FFA Code of Ethics F FA Code of Ethics • Student’s Pledge to the Code: • Why do we teach a code of ethics? •This is the point where you instill pride, enthusiasm, and a love for the FFA in freshmen. •If you are not excited and motivating they will not be. • Be charismatic, your charisma will instill an attitude in your freshman while reminding upper classmen of the feelings of excitement they experi...
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