FFA Chapter 8 L…an complete

FFA Chapter 8 L…an complete - Ch....

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Ch. 8 Chapter Opportunities & Awards pp.117- 127 Lesson Notes Lesson Plan Purpose: The Purpose of this lesson is to inform students how to become aware of awards and involvement opportunities available to their FFA chapter. Objectives: Following this lesson, the student will be able to: 1. name 3 divisions of the National Chapter Award program; 2. suggest activities related to each division; and 3. name at least one FFA program that involves working with elementary children. Focus: Use a team building activity to demonstrate the importance of everyone’s involvement to accomplish a task. Examples: form a circle with each person behind the other and have them sit in each others lap, Lawn skiing: use two 2”x 6” x 8’ with one long rope on the end of each that is attached by drilling a hole only large enough for the rope to go through. Tie a knot in on end of the rope and countersink the holes so the knots do not interfere with the travel of the boards. Next, drill holes parallel to each other on the outer ¾”
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FFA Chapter 8 L…an complete - Ch....

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