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FFA.Chap2 - Lesson Notes Opportunities Beyond the Local...

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Lesson Notes Opportunities Beyond the Local Chapter Lesson Plan Purpose: The Purpose of this lesson is to expose future teachers to opportunities for students extended beyond local efforts. Objectives: Following this lesson, the student will be able to: 1. Describe how the FFA New Horizons Magazine can help promote active membership, 2. Explain and evaluate the different benefits and activities associated with state and national conventions, 3. Describe and evaluate the merits of FFA leadership camps, 4. List and describe the different levels of leadership conferences offered by the National FFA, and 5. Recall the global opportunities offered by the National FFA. Focus: What would it take to change your life drastically? Make a short list of five items that would change your life drastically for the better. (Encourage deep thought) Can you change a student’s life drastically with programs in the FFA? Lead into opportunities beyond the local chapter. Power
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Lesson Content: I. Opportunities Beyond the Local Chapter : i. FFA New Horizons Magazine: 1. Serves as a spring-board for local members a. See what others across the nation and their state are doing.
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