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FFA.Chap7 - Where to Begin Where • The first step to any...

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Unformatted text preview: Where to Begin? Where • The first step to any award is the The application: application: – Where do I get them? – How do I use them? – What’s easiest? The FFA Degree Ladder The • Chapter Level Degrees: – Discovery: – Greenhand: – Chapter Farmer: • State Degree: – Lone Star Degree • National Degree: – American Farmer Degree Discovery Degree Discovery • Optional degree for middle school and jr. Optional high students. high • You as the teacher decide to award this You degree or not degree • Star Awarded by teacher. • Requirements: Pg. 92 Student Handbook Greenhand Degree Greenhand • First Year Ag Students (Explain) • Can be 8th graders and compete against freshmen. (Not a good Idea) freshmen. • Bronze Pin • Star Awarded by teacher for the chapter and Star star awards chosen at district, area, and state levels. levels. • Requirements: Pg. 93 Student Handbook Chapter Farmer Degree Chapter • Second or Third Year Ag Students • Silver Pin • Four Star Levels Available • Star Awarded by teacher for the chapter and Star star awards chosen at district, area, and state levels. levels. • Requirements: Pg. 94 Student Handbook Lone Star Degree: Lone • Degree conferred by the state • Application process travels through chapter, Application • • • • • district, area, and state degree checks district, Third or Fourth Year Ag Students Committee chooses star candidates for Committee district, area, and state. district, Four Star Levels Available Gold Charm worn on a chain Requirements: Pg. 95 Student Handbook American Farmer Degree: American • Highest FFA Degree • Conferred by the National FFA only • Golden Key • Four Star Levels Available • Requirements: Pg. 96 Student Handbook Agri-Entrepreneurship Award Agri-Entrepreneurship • Recognize members who are entrepreneurs Recognize and start their own business and H.O. Sargent Member Award H.O. • Given to members who achieve and Given promote diversity in agricultural education and the FFA. and • A non-member adult award is also given National FFA Agriscience Fair National • • • Also held at the state convention Science Fair for grades 7-12 Two divisions – Grades 7-9 – Grades 10-12 • Entry Areas: – Biochemistry/Microbiology/Food Science: – Environmental Sciences: – Zoology (Animal Science): – Botany (Plant & Soil Science): • Engineering (Mechanical/Agricultural Engineering Engineering Science) Engineering Scholarships - Texas Scholarships • Scholarships given by the Texas FFA are Scholarships sponsored by the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Rodeo. – $5K, $7K, $10K, & $15K • San Antonio Livestock Exposition also offers San comparable scholarships, but they are fewer in number. number. • Application, Review, and Interview Process – Tricks of the Trade! • Numerous other FFA affiliated scholarships are Numerous available across the state. available Proficiency Award Program Proficiency • Local Proficiency Awards: – Order form from the National FFA • Beyond the Chapter Level: – Application – Why are these awards given? – Application, Review, & Interview Process – Pg. 106-107 Proficiency Areas – Winners advance through FFA structure Proficiency Award Tips • Don’t wait until the junior or senior year to look at the application. Look at the application early and start working on it. SAE Proficiency Award Tips • Look at past applications from the chapter. SAE Proficiency Award Tips • Take pictures throughout the year SAE Proficiency Award Tips • On pictures in the application: – Don’t Say “This is a picture of….”. The judges know it is a picture. – Change shirts/caps – Make captions action oriented “Suckering tomatoes has been shown to…” – Don’t show unsafe practices in your pictures (such as no safety glasses while working on machinery) SAE Proficiency Award Tips • Neatness makes a big impression SAE Proficiency Award Tips • Visit the FFA Proficiency Award page on the World Wide Web. The URL is http://www.ffa.org/activities/index.html SAE National Chapter Awards Awards • State Superior Chapter Award • State Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards • Three-Star, Two-Star, and One-Star Gold Three-Star, Awards Awards • Model of Innovation Awards • National Winner for each Division • Read pages 120-125 in student handbook Read for specific information about these awards. for Partners in Active Learning Support (PALS) Support • FFA members serve as mentors to FFA elementary age students elementary • Focus on learning about agriculture and Focus being good citizens. being Food for America Food • Another program centered around Another elementary students • FFA members teach children about where FFA their food comes from their • Members visit classrooms and Members give short presentations give Partners for a Safer Community Partners • Chapter activity that can be utilized to Chapter promote safety and health in your community. community. • Students work with government agencies, Students health care organizations, and school officials. officials. ...
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