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Unformatted text preview: Chapter Success Chapter What makes a chapter What unsuccessful? unsuccessful? What makes a chapter successful? Essentials of a Successful Chapter Chapter School and Community School Support Support Knowledge of the FFA Diversity of Membership Shared Responsibility of Shared Mem bers Mem Capable Officers A Challenging P.O.A. A Workable Constitution Workable and Bylaws and Proper Equipment & Proper Records Records Well Planned, Regularly Well Held Chapter Meetings Held Adequate Financing Program of Activities Program (P.O.A.) Where your chapter is going! – A roadmap and how to use it. P.O.A.’s are divided: – – – – Division I - Student Development Division II - Chapter Development Division III - Community Development Each Division is divided into Quality Each Standards. Standards. Division Quality Standards Standards Let’s Look at Let’s each of them! each Parliamentary Officers Parliamentary President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sentinel Other Officers Other Parliamentarian Historian Chaplain Extra Offices Mini-Chapters Officer Duties? Chapter Meetings Chapter Teacher’s Manual Check-List When are meetings held? Executive committee meetings Establishing an agenda Let’em have it! Meeting Room Order of Business Opening & Closing Cerimonies Chapter Meetings Chapter Effective Meetings: – Meetings should have: • • • • A purpose An agenda An upbeat entertaining air Allow members to participate – Ownership 1st Chapter Banquet Chapter Purpose of the Banquet? Committee? Who should be invited? The Meal Decoration Awards & Degrees FFA Chapter Schedule Chapter Partner to the POA Who appreciates this? School Calendar What’s on the schedule What’s who sets it? who Use a computer based Use calendar. calendar. & Recruitment Recruitment Lesson 4-B, Advisor’s Guide You are the Key to recruitment! Advisor Advisor Chapter Constitution Lesson 4-C, Advisor’s Guide Chapter Vision Chapter Ownership Governmental System Allows you to set rules that Allows help you! help Goat Neck FFA What’s Next? What’s Opportunities Beyond The Opportunities Chapter Level Chapter ...
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