98 officer Q's

98 officer Q's - : What are the 5 types of motions?...

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MESA DISTRICT OFFICER QUESTIONS 1998 DISTRICT QUESTIONS : Manual/Area II Question : What is the FFA Motto? Learning to Do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve Parliamentary Question : What is the purpose of Rising to a Point of Order? The purpose of rising to a point of order is to enforce the rules by calling attention to a violation of the rules or a mistake in procedure. Thought Question : How can participation in leadership contests help you in your adult life? AREA QUESTIONS : Manual/Area II Question : Name the 7 district organizations in the Area II Association. Big Bend, Concho, Double Mountain, El Ranch, Lone Wolf, Mesa, Parliamentary Question
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Unformatted text preview: : What are the 5 types of motions? Privileged, Incidental, Subsidiary, Main, & Unclassified Thought Question : Explain the different opportunities for FFA members to receive awards and/or recognition through their involvement in the FFA. STATE QUESTIONS : Manual/Association Questions : Name 5 of the 11 points of the FFA Code of Ethics. See Official Hand Book Pg. 12 Parliamentary Question : What are the pertinent facts of a Parliamentary Inquiry? 2nd Deb Amd Vote? Reconsider? No No No No No Thought Question : How will the FFA have to change in order to remain attractive to potential FFA members in the 21st century?...
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98 officer Q's - : What are the 5 types of motions?...

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