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AGED in Texas - Agricultural Education In Texas& The...

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Unformatted text preview: Agricultural Education In Texas & The Nation The Representative Organizations: Representative Texas Education Agency: Texas FFA Association: Vocational Agricultural Teachers Association Vocational of Texas: (VATAT) of Texas FFA Foundation Associated Groups: Texas FFA Alumni Texas Collegiate FFA Association Texas Young Farmers Each organization has its own Executive Each Director, Staff, and Board of Directors Director, Executive Board for Agricultural Education: Agricultural Four Member Leadership Board: TEA Executive Director of Agricultural Science & TEA Technology: Terry Phillips Executive Director of the Vocational Agricultural Executive Teachers Association of Texas: (VATAT) Gerald Young President of the Vocational Agricultural Teachers President Association of Texas: (VATAT) Barney McClure Executive Director of the Texas FFA Association: Tom Maynard Texas FFA Foundation: Aaron Alejandro Aaron Texas Texas Education Agency Texas Vocational Agricultural Teachers Association of Texas: (VATAT) (VATAT) Texas FFA Association Texas State Structure: State I IV V VI VIII II State Association Area Associations District Organizations Local Chapters VII X IX III How big a’ boy are ya? (Mixed Data) (Mixed Number of Programs: 897 Districts Offering Agriscience Courses 1178 Campuses Offering Agriscience Courses Counting multiple campuses & middle schools Number of Students: Unduplicated = 93,934 approx. Duplicated = 104,687 approx. Why does this matter? (Funding Multiplier) What is our funding multiplier? (.5, 1.0, & 1.35) What How are schools funded? (Funding Exercise) Number of Teachers: 2,000 Teachers approx. Agricultural Education The National Level Questions or Discussion ...
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