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Unformatted text preview: Agriscience Handbook Wellman-Union FFA Instructor: Kyle W. McGregor School Phone: (806) 637-4772 School Address: P.O. Box 68 Wellman, TX 79378 Departmental Rules i Learn i i Take Care of Business i i A good rule to live by! Take care of your responsibilities and do what is asked of you, and you can’t go wrong! Respect i i Learning is the reason that you are here, and should not be a burden. Learning can be very enjoyable! Respect everyone and everything at all times. It’s as easy as that! The Teacher’s Rule i Don’t be concerned about this rule. Just understand that no person is ever above some type of rules. Departmental Consequences i Verbal Warning i Private Discipline Discussion in Office i Principal/Instructor Discipline & Parental Principal/Instructor Contact/Meeting Contact/Meeting i Corporal Punishment i ISS, Suspension, Board of Education , Etc.. Extracurricular Rules & Consequences i Rules: i i When participating in agriculturally related extracurricular events students will be expected to follow the departmental rules along with other rules concerning time constraints, room and board, responsibilities, etc., imposed on them by the instructor or any sponsors. Consequences: i Consequences resulting from failure to follow departmental rules and extracurricular rules will vary according to the severity of a student’s actions. Minor infractions can be solved by using the departmental consequences. Serious infractions, (lude behavior, drinking, smoking, etc.), will call for serious consequences, (immediate trip home, expulsion, parental involvement, etc.). Instructor-Student-Parent Contract Student: I have read the rules and consequences, and have had them explained to me by the have Instructor. I agree to abide by these rules and respect the consequences. Instructor. (Signature) Parent: I have read the rules and consequences and agree to them. I will also encourage my have child to follow the rules and respect the consequences. child (Signature) To The Parents i Parents i If you have any questions, or do not wish to sign the contract and would like to discuss my rules and consequences please contact me at school by telephone or by simply sending a note with your child. i Note: i This contract serves as a learning tool and is a lesson in responsibility for students. Not only are your children telling me that they will follow rules, they are also telling you the same. Agriscience Supplies i Supplies to be provided by each student: Supplies by i Common School Supplies i Pen, Pencil, Paper, Calculator, Etc. 1” - 1 1/2” Three Ring Binder i Working Clothes i i i Closed Toe Shoes or Boots (All Ag. Mech. Courses) i i A change of clothes will prevent students from destroying good back-to-school clothing. Students with sandals or any other type of open toed shoe will not be allowed into the laboratory, (shop), at any time! A Desire and Willingness to Learn! First Assignment i i i i The grade that you as a student receive on this first The assignment is contingent on the return of the InstructorInstructorStudent-Parent Contract, signed or unsigned. If you return the contract signed, or if it is returned If unsigned and I have been contacted by your parents by telephone or by a note, you receive a 100. telephone If it is not returned or if it is returned with no contact from If your parents, you receive a Zero. your This first assignment will count as your first TEST This GRADE! GRADE! ...
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