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Anson Officer Elections

Anson Officer Elections - PROCEDURE FOR AN SON FFA CHAPTER...

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Unformatted text preview: PROCEDURE FOR AN SON FFA CHAPTER OFFICER ELECTION It is an honor to serve as an Anson F FA Ofl‘icer. Anson FFA Officers are held to high 5 standards and are expected to honor their responsibilities. : ' I. Nominees must meet the following qualifications. l A. Maintain an overall average of 80 or above. B. Have no more than one B in Citizenship. C. Must not be on the principal’s discipline file. D. Must agree in advance to attend the Area II FFA Leadership Conference held at Howard College in Big Spring, Texas, June 28-30. E. . Must attend the State FFA Convention in Fort Worth, July 12-16. ll. Timeline for Officer Election: A. Monday April 19‘h _ 1. 7:00 A.M. @ Ag Dept. — Take ZS—question test from questions and answers included in this packet. For every minute a candidate is late one point is subtracted from their overall score. 2. 3:00 P.M. @ Ag. Dept — Interview —- Be ready with a two-minute introduction about yourself. You will draw three thought questions from the list provided. 3. 7:00 P.M. @ Auditorium — Speeches. Have your Speech ready. Possible topics: Why you would like to be a chapter ofiicer, your silver bullet, your show project, what teams you are on, etc. Note . from Mr. Kiker: Remember that a speech is 20% what you say, and j 80% how you say it. If you need help contact the seniors, student teachers or ag teachers. B. Tuesday May 18th —— Anson FFA Chapter Banquet. This is when the new 1 officers will be installed. Please note that you will not receive the results ‘ 7 of the election until this time. I have read the procedure for the Anson FFA Officer election and agree to the terms, conditions, and responsibilities. ' X Officer Candidate Signature ...
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