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CDE.Pres.Rubric - (33 points total Practice events listed...

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AS&D 410 – Leadership Development FFA CDE Presentation Grading Rubric CDE Presented: Presenter: Category & Requirement Descriptions Maximum Points Points Awarded Event Rules & Description: (33 points total) Event rules given to the audience 6.6 Event rules effectively described to audience 6.6 Quality of presentation materials (Handouts/Power Point) 6.6 Scantron/Scoring Rubric provided 6.6 Sources of training materials provided 6.6 Logistical/Insider Event Information:
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Unformatted text preview: (33 points total) Practice events listed 6.6 Area qualification locations 6.6 State event sites listed 6.6 Event contacts (Individuals who can help) 6.6 Insider Information: 6.6 Event Example Presentation: (34 points total) Accuracy of example classes 8.5 Preparation for audience 8.5 Quality of example classes 8.5 Time limit was met (45min. to 1 hr.) 8.5 Presentation Score: 100...
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