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Unformatted text preview: Creed Speaking Triangle Creed A Method of Movement Method for Creed Speakers for View in Slide Show format to see the animation. Kyle W. McGregor Creed Triangle Begin here, say the first paragraph. Say the first sentence of the second paragraph and walk toward station two. 1 Finish paragraph two here. Start the first sentence of the third paragraph and move toward station three. Complete paragraph three here. Start paragraph four and move toward station four. 2 4 3 Complete paragraph four. Start paragraph five and move toward the judges table. 5 Finish paragraph five strong. After completing take one step back say “thank you”, and prepare for questions. Judges Table Using the Creed Triangle Using ♦ Movement between stations should be a relaxed Movement “stroll”, not a race. “stroll”, ♦ Hand and facial gestures should match the creed’s Hand content in each paragraph. content ♦ Students should begin the triangle (station 1) Students approximately 12’-15’ from the judges table and end (station 5) approximately 3’ from the judges table. (station ♦ When standing at a station or answering questions, When students should not be “at attention” nor should they be too relaxed. be ...
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