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Demo Rubric 08 - 10 Have a Student Perform the Skill: 10...

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DEMONSTRATIONS CHECKLIST/RUBRIC Presenter(s): Topic: Max. Points Points Awarded Demonstration Steps: (60 points total) Focus: 10 Show & Name all Equipment and Materials Needed (Safety): 10 Preview all Steps Verbally: 10 Perform the Demonstration Step-by-Step: 10 Review the Demonstration Steps, while Questioning:
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Unformatted text preview: 10 Have a Student Perform the Skill: 10 Presenter Requirements: (40 points total) Safety Emphasized: 6 Preparation: (Expert Presenter) 6 Speed of Presentation: 6 Monitored Students: 6 Quality of Work: (Best Procedure & Quality) 6 Overall Presentation Quality: 10 Presentation Score: 100 Additional Notes :...
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