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Dist.Parl.Pro.Prob.01' - III 1 During this problem the...

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Fall 2001 GREENHAND BUSINESS AREA I – DISTRICT COMPETITIONS I. 1. A motion is presented that the chapter sponsor a disadvantaged family’s Thanksgiving meal. 2. A second rank amendment fails to receive a second. 3. A call for an end to discussion is been made. 4. The amended motion is tabled. II. 1. The vice president disagrees with the president’s decision to move the chapter’s banquet to the month of December. 2. The motion to move the chapter banquet to a week-night in May that will not conflict with the athletic banquet is referred to a special committee.
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Unformatted text preview: III. 1. During this problem the rules are enforced after the sentinel points out a violation. 2. After a heated debate a first rank amendment passes. 3. The amended motion that the chapter pay for all members to attend the Texas Tech vs. Texas A&M football game fails. IV. 1. The reporter brings the item of business from problem I. back before the chapter. 2. The secretary requests parliamentary information. 3. The chapter votes to increase the number of families that the chapter will support....
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