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Local & Co. Show Form

Local & Co. Show Form - It is the responsibility of...

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1999 Wellman-Union Local & Terry County Entry Form One Form Per Exhibitor Due By: Exhibitor’s Name: Social Security #: Exhibitor’s Address: Home Phone: # OF HEAD ENTRY FEE/HEAD TOTAL FEES WELLMAN LOCAL SHOW JAN. 11 STEERS (NO LIMIT) $10 PER HEAD SWINE (NO LIMIT) $8 PER HEAD LAMBS (NO LIMIT) $8 PER HEAD TOTAL FEES TERRY COUNTY JR. LIVESTOCK SHOW JAN. 22 - 24 STEERS (NO MORE THAN 2, BUT *) $15 PER HEAD SWINE (NO MORE THAN 2, BUT *) $12 PER HEAD LAMBS (NO MORE THAN 3, BUT *) $12 PER HEAD * BUT NO MORE THAN 4 ANIMALS TOTAL TOTAL FEES All livestock shows in Texas have rules governing showing of animals and the use of unethically fitting of livestock.
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Unformatted text preview: It is the responsibility of the exhibitor and his/her parent’s to follow the guidelines set by the show officials. Any exhibitor violating these rules may be barred from showing or receiving any prizes or sale moneys. The undersigned acknowledges and accepts the rules set by each show. The Wellman-Union Agriscience Dept. will follow all rules set by stock shows and accept no responsibility for an exhibitor if they violate any rules. Parent Signature: Exhibitor Signature:...
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