Milk Mixtures

Milk Mixtures - I 5 S 5(5g tablets in eye dropper strain...

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-1 Dairy Products Contest Concoctions MILK Acid Buttermilk Intensity (I) 3 (+,- 1) Practice (P): 4-5 tbsp/gal 100 drops (D)/qt State (S): 3 tbsp/gal 50 d/pt Start (ST): 1 tbsp/pint 25 d/cup Bitter Quinine Sulfate I 3-5 P: 1dd/7oz 1 (5g) tablet/oz of H2O S: 64 d/gal (1d/2oz) Bitter Blind Feed Molasses (Grandmas) I 8 (range 5-9) S:¼-½ tsp in hot water then 10-12 d/pt Cooper hardly ever does Flat-Watery Bottled water only I 9 P: 2 oz H2O/7oz of milk S: 11% H2O Pull 14 oz out of gallon of milk Foreign NEVER ALLOW KIDS TO DRINK!!!! Bleach (can also use a hair) S: 2-3d Cooper never does/ Miller never does Garlic/Onion Powder/Liquid I 5 for max S: Onion Powder 1/16 tsp in 2 tbsp in a pint Cooper rarely does Malty Powdered malt/Grape Nuts I 5 : 1 ½ tsp malt in as little H2O as possible 1 ½ tsp/gal milk If using grape nuts, place in cheese cloth and swish around the cloth in the milk. This will leave a flavor without leaving remains Oxidized Sun the milk I 5 S: 30 min turning 3-4 times during the 30 min Metallic
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Ferrous Sulfate (tablets) (need a prescription)
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Unformatted text preview: I 5 S: 5 (5g) tablets in eye dropper, strain residue with coffee filter. 32d/gal of milk, 4d/pint Rancid Butyric Acid/Raw milk/Lipase Enzyme I 4 S: raw milk½ homogenized ½, shake and let set couple of hours the refridge over night. Acid/enzyme- tiny bit in a pint of mild Salty Table salt I 7-8 S: ½ tsp/gal Conversions 1 gallon = 4qts=8pts=16cups=256 tbsp 1qt=2pts=8cups=128 tbsp 1pt=2cups=32tbsp 1cup=16tbsp=7oz 1tsp=400drops CHEESE P: United: Deli Cheeses First (Canyon) S: HEB Brand (Whatever is in the store) Natural vs. Artificial P: United S: HEB Half and half vs. Coffee Mate Land O’ Lakes/United vs. Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Whipping Cream w or w/o sugar in a can vs. can, cool whip Natural Sour Cream vs. Fat Free artificial Sour Cream Mozzarella vs. Artificial Shredded (can use any cheese and can also add sugar to whip cream) TEST Questions picked one at a time from one test in order until all questions are in....
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Milk Mixtures - I 5 S 5(5g tablets in eye dropper strain...

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