Oxy-Acet Check List

Oxy-Acet Check List - Lighting w/ Proper Amount of...

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Name: OXYGEN-ACETYLENE BOTTLE SET-UP/SHUT-DOWN CHECK LIST SET-UP Correct/ Incorrect/Comments Oxygen Bottle On T-Handle Line Adjustment Torch Valves Open Running Pressure 15-35 psi Acetylene Bottle On 3 to 4 Turns T-Handle Adjustment Running Pressure 5 psi LIGHTING THE TORCH Correct/ Incorrect/Comments
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Unformatted text preview: Lighting w/ Proper Amount of Acetylene Acetylene Flame Carburizing Flame Neutral Flame Oxidizing Flame Torch Off Oxygen First Acetylene Second SHUT-DOWN Correct/Incorrect/Comments Both Bottles Off Bleed All Lines Back-Off T-Handles Replace Hose...
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