Radio Script Peanut

Radio Script Peanut - S ANDWICH D IGGER R ADIO S CRIPT Good...

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Unformatted text preview: S ANDWICH D IGGER R ADIO S CRIPT Good morning and thank you for joining us for the Wellman-Union FFA monthly Agriscience report. This is and I am joined today by my fellow Wellman-Union FFA members , and . Our monthly report focuses on current and technologically advanced issues, topics, and practices in all aspects of agriculture. Last month we discussed using satellite technology in spotting potential problems in crop development. & why dont you tell our listeners about todays topic. Well if you have spent any time at all outside lately, you have probably noticed a change in the temperature and a few changes made by Mother Nature. That can only mean that Fall has fallen and harvest is in full swing. Thats right , if you live in the Terry and Gains County area, such as we do, you might have also noticed the great influx of new and different agricultural products, especially during this busy time of the year. Thats why todays show will focus on new advances in peanut harvesting techniques, specifically, in the area of a new peanut digging method that is being used, and was developed especially for this area. , many of our local producers may view the current methods of digging peanuts as adequate for their needs. But Gains Countys leading peanut producer tends to disagree. Ted Higgenbottom farms Twenty Two Hundred acres of peanuts in Gains County and has devoted the last six years of his life to developing a more quality conscious method of digging goobers. Being the top producer in Gains County, which is the number one peanut producing county in Texas, and marketing his peanuts with the Brownfield branch of the DeLeon Peanut Company, which is housed in Terry County, the number two county in state- wide peanut production, solidifies the fact that Mr. Higgenbottom possesses a fair share of insight on his product....
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Radio Script Peanut - S ANDWICH D IGGER R ADIO S CRIPT Good...

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