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: The purpose of this unit is to provide information needed to properly develop lesson plans as well as to develop a working understanding of the lesson cycle. Objectives : Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to: 1. Describe the difference between a unit and lesson plan; 2. List the components of a basic lesson plan, 3. Create appropriate behavioral objectives, 4. Develop quality lesson plans for agriscience instruction, 5. Evaluate the quality of lesson plans, and 6. I. Unit Plans vs. Lesson Plans : i. Unit plans are made-up of several lessons ii. Each lesson plan within a unit plan follows the lesson cycle and has its own guided and independent practice activities. II. The Lesson Cycle : i. The lesson cycle was designed to give teachers the ability to give their students activity during a lesson. This makes your classroom active and enjoyable for your students while making planning a “no brainer” for you! ii. The lesson cycle can be molded and manipulated to your liking and does not have to be followed perfectly as you gain experience in using it, however for this course you are to utilize it as it is presented in this lesson. iii. THE LESSON CYCLE SHOULD HAPPEN EVERYDAY! It is imperative that you understand this concept. A twelve-page lesson that has one guided and independent practice at the end cannot be completed in one day! Students benefit the most if a guided and independent practices occur each day with smaller amounts of information. If a topic is so long that is takes twelve pages to effectively teach, it should be called a unit and broken down into multiple lessons that can utilize the lesson cycle each day. III. Components of a Basic Lesson Plan : i. Title Information: The tile information can be placed in several formats, but typically contains the following information: Lesson Title, Unit, Course Name, Teacher Name Two very common lesson plan formats are the “Outline” and the “T” formats. ii.
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Unit Lesson.Planning.Cycle - Lesson Plans, Unit Plans &...

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