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Developing an Advisory Committee Directions : Utilize this sheet as posted online or generate one of your own to develop your mock advisory committee. This is a mock activity that you will engage your cooperating teacher in. You WILL NOT create a new advisory committee for your cooperating school or interfere with the current committee’s activities. Utilize individuals other than those currently serving on your cooperating school’s advisory committee. 1. Community Analysis: a. Potential questions to ask: a.i. What is the size of your school and community? a.ii. What major industry, agricultural/family & consumer science industrial, exists in your community? a.iii. What major stakeholder groups are represented in your program? b. Utilize the information from your community analysis to select members
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Unformatted text preview: for your mock advisory committee. 2. Types of individuals to include in your mock advisory committee. a. Parents b. Industry c. Students d. Campus Personnel e. Government/City Personnel f. Professional Personnel g. Small Business h. Other 3. Determine the size of your mock advisory committee and explain why you have chosen the indicated size. 4. List specific names and contact information (including title, mailing address, phone number, fax number, email) a. For each, indicate what expertise, advice or support they will bring to the committee. 5. Assign a logical rotational year each committee member will serve. a. (example: John Smith ('09); Susie Signs ('10), Wyatt Earp ('11))...
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