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Student Teaching Integral Assignments 1. Lesson Plans: Choose and submit one lesson plan used in your assigned classes each week in the format required by AGSD 420. This lesson will be the one we use to evaluate your planning progress each week for the remainder of the semester. Your lesson plans will be submitted via email to Drs. McGregor, Tarpley and Graham each Friday of your student teaching experience by pm. 2. Student Teacher Profile: a. Submit a copy of your Student Teacher Profile at each of the designated time intervals. You and your cooperating teacher must prepare this report. i. Submit the profile at the student teaching seminar and at the end of the semester. This will be a progress report as well as your final report used by the department for evaluation and accreditation purposes. 3. Local News Release: Send a news release to your local newspaper concerning your presence as a student teacher at your student teaching center. You will need to provide a copy of the printed
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