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CMST 1061 Class Notes What Is Communication? The giving, conveying, or exchanging of information through the spoken words, sounds, signs, and writing. Why Communicate? 1. Physical Needs – Ex.) POWs, Solitary Confinement, etc. 2. Identity – evolution with pop stars via feedback, people change over time. 3. Social Needs – we grow as we enter new situations 4. Practical Needs – communication is necessary to function in our everyday lives. It helps to know how to communicate. The Model of Communication Linear o Problem: Shows communication as one way. This is correct with billboards and advertisements but not with people. The Linear Model lacks the feedback component. Transactional o Environment = context and relationship How do I know him her? What are the circumstances surrounding the interaction? What is the culture/backdrop in the world? Is this behavior appropriate/inappropriate? Insights to the Transactional Model 1. Communication is simultaneous – cannot turn one side off in face-to-face settings. 2. Environment/Context – noise effects communication a. Physical Noise – pen drop, A/C, road noise b. Physiological Noise – how you feel effects how you communicate c. Psychological Noise – “Why did I do that?” 3. Channels Make a Difference in what you’re trying to convey. The more personal the information to be conveyed, the less media intensive channel you should use and vice versa. Ex.) Breaking-up via Facebook 4. Communication is Transactional
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Class-Notes - CMST 1061 Class Notes What Is Communication?...

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