Comm-notes - Relational definitions- are who we are to one...

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Relational definitions - are who we are to one another how we define one another Relational culture- is the atmosphere of the relationship Relational contract- is something you do if something else happens, how you negotiate it out. Types of Relationships Depends on how much people are involved 1. Dyads more than people involved, mother, teacher, boyfriend, girlfriend 2. Purpose- is it a task group or social, Taxi driver, Doctor Etc… 3. Duration- short term, long term exp clerk at a store or neighbor. Long term- Family member friend etc… 4. Level of intimacy- Social penetration, Casual Intimacy not telling or showing someone too much. 5. Intimate- maximum amount of emotional connection We expect different things from different people Communication behavior Trust matter character matters Prototypes, why do we stay in relationship Social Exchange theory: Rewards minus the cost equal the benefits Magnets - what draws you to this person? We are attracted to people who we think are attractive and people that are similar to us because it validates who you are. Date people who you think to be your similar beauty equal. Predictions of how you’re going to act Makes accurate Our differences attract and its complimentary and the reward level. Some sort of reciprocal light Sociological or incidental cue Other pre interaction cues, what is there weight, their height, how do they dress are they dirty. Their thought key
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Comm-notes - Relational definitions- are who we are to one...

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