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Unformatted text preview: TEEEEESSSSSSTTTTTTTT Final Exam Review: chapter 43 o merti stems- 6 meri stem regions, name, where they are found and what they grow up to be o deiffernet tissue where you find them in the plant o the flow of water and sugar in phloem and xylem chapters 31-35 about 80% of exam o cells that form tissue to organ to organ system o circulatory system, know organ systems and their compoents with veins,, o where you find hemoglobin o EPO produced in kidneys o ___ answers to EPO o hormones and change of concentration of stuff in you rbody like water o what binds to hem o capillaries smalled vessel of circulatoey system all take back in exchange o capillaries in small intestines, caps are found in digestion, urinary extrecation system cap are found ___ and then the cap that are wrapped around a tube that something with a hormone o nothing about smoking ad o ordering, anatomy and phys section, 2 ordering from plant chapter o ex of plan: transport of water and minerals in the xylem o lots of diagrams: heart ( the diagram with some standing and their heart is at the bottom), about 5 or 6 pictures related to anatomeny and phys o breeth air in, what are the stuctures of the anatomical stuctures o 3 domains of life, which are pro or eu, what are genus and species, how do you properly represent it, if you are a fungus what are you charastics, an animal, a plant (eu, mulit, photo), what is pollentation (movement of pollen from male to female parts of the flower) o tie together the organ systems- first mouth the last thing is the toilet, 18 steps, give 2 huge hints look for those hints o 8 essential amino acids, essential means you must eat it because your body cannot make it, just know there are 8, there are 20 different forms of amnio acids o on vitamins and minerals, know the ones he said in class o capillaries- site of exchange in all organ systems, o EOP and ADH hormone, what are their targets 1. Dermal tissue (epidermis) Generally single cell layer that covers the plant Xylem: transports water and dissolved minerals Parenchyma: thin walled, live cells, perform most metabolic functions of plant: photocynthesis, food storage, synthesis and secretion, this is extra tissue in the leaf that does phtotsynthesis, this is used to store sugar when in the root, there are 2 different roles Heartwood: no longer conducts water, but strengthens stem Know figure of a tree truck and know what is alive and dead The vascular cambium is alive Sapwood: conducts water and minerals Meristem: o protoderm: epidermal, o ground cell, procambium (produces root cortex and stem pith cells) collenchymas cell, scelenchyma cell: these both produce varios types o procambium cell: phloem, xylem 1. Negative feedback: a change in one direction causes a series of events in the other direction to counteract the change (shivering and goose bumps they help regulate body temp) Biological: body temp of 37 Physical: house thermostat This system uses sensors and effectors...
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DasFinalStudyGuide - TEEEEESSSSSSTTTTTTTT Final Exam...

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