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Brian Hagstrom PSYC 2000 Tue 6:00-9:00 Psychology 2000 Article Requirement Contextual influences on marriage: Implications for policy and intervention . 1. The authors discuss research which examined attitudes toward family issues as a function of household income. Summarize the findings of this research. People who place a great deal of value in marriages and have low incomes may tend to not want to rush into marriage. They are cautious when entering marriage during poor economic conditions due to the high divorce rate and lack of available partners. Higher income households would be less apprehensive because of their good economic standing. 2. According to research, what types of relationship problems are more likely to be encountered by lower income couples than middle or upper income couples? Two problems that lower income couples might encounter and upper income couples would not, might be drug problems or also infidelity.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. According to authors, how do stressful environments affect couples’ ability to maintain their relationship? Stressful environments make more problems for couples to overcome. If the couples have to overcome stressful environments then they have less time to work on other problems in the relationship. Day to day interactions that help maintain a happy relationship get overlooked because of the stressful environment. 4. What two reasons were offered by the authors for why interventions developed for middle-class couples might not generalize to lower-income couples? One reason that interventions developed for middle class couples shouldn’t be generalized for lower income couples is that the two sets of couples probably face different types of problems. Also a valuable relationship may be very difficult to maintain for lower income couples....
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