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3 - Brian Hagstrom PSYC 2000 Tue 6:00-9:00 Psychology 2000...

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Brian Hagstrom PSYC 2000 Tue 6:00-9:00 Psychology 2000 Article Requirement Is laughter the best medicine? Humor, laughter, and physical health . 1. Briefly describe two of the four potential mechanisms that suggest how humor and laughter might influence physical health. One way that humor and laughter may influence physical health is through physiological changes. Laughter relaxes your muscles and increases the production of endorphins while decreasing the production of certain stress hormones. Another way humor influences health is through control over emotional states. Humor increases pain tolerance, enhances immunity, and helps the cardiovascular system not produce negative emotions. 2. Explain how laughter affects men and women’s systolic blood pressure (SBP) differently. In what ways do women express humor differently than men? Unlike men, women have a negative correlation between humor and SBP. In men higher levels of humor are associated with higher SBP. Women express humor in more tolerant, self accepting, and adaptive ways than men do.
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