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Unformatted text preview: 3-23-09 Pathos: use of emotional appeals to persuade an audience by putting them in a frame of mind that gets them to act one way compared to another by use of clever language involving showing and telling. Exaggeration and amplification. Use language to stand out and manipulate. 4 Categories of Pathos 1. Events a. Utopia: vision of a perfect world. Use power of the ideal to reveal limitations of what is actually happening and inspire people to achieve a perfect world. b. Wasteland: horrific state of affairs that repels an audience from a current situation. Current situation so bad that intolerable so seek a utopia. Use it for future vision to show consequences if you do down the wrong path. 2. Action a. Virtue: attracts us to more concrete actions by investing them with morals. Makes audience believe that by doing certain things, they’ll be passionate of actions. b. Vice: repels us from certain concrete actions by making them morally wrong. 3. People a. Saints: ideal individuals or groups portrayed in positive light to be role models for others b. Sinners: group of people portrayed in negative light in order to make them be repelled by audience 4. Objects a. Idol: attempt to invest much value into an object that a person wants it to complete them. To have that object means you have an object others desire. b. Abomination: so repellant that audience shuns people who possess object. ...
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