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3-27 - Divisions of Performance Visuals are use to attract...

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3-27-09 Divisions of Performance Visuals are use to attract attention and stir emotions. Visual Performers accomplish this: 1. Violating reality or expectations: go beyond what’s real. Confusing image that grabs our attention. 2. Defamiliarizing the familiar: using a familiar object in a non-familiar way 3. Do something novel or unique 4. To provide contrast 5. Repetition 6. Incongruity: something that is out of place 7. Something that alters your point of view 8. Visual metaphor 9. Parodies: cultural production that makes fun of more serious production while still keeping some points of original production. Interpretation depends on how familiar you are with original work. Recreating a reality by how performer wants to be seen. Visual images server powerful
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