4-13 - 4-13-09 Perception: act of perceiving. To become...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-13-09 Perception: act of perceiving. To become aware thru senses or understanding. Nature of Perception 1. Learned and culture bound 2. Backward looking: look at past to interpret occurrences 3. Selective: see what we know 4. Value laden 5. Relative Elements that enhance perception 1. Violate our expectations 2. Novel or unique 3. Contrast 4. Repeated 5. Incongruous: out of place 6. Alter our point of view Influences on Perception A. Biology 1. Senses, age, gender, health, temporal cycles, fatigue, hunger, mood B. Personal 1. Self concept, homophile, past, prototypes, attitudes C. Sociocultural 1. Occupation, economic, race/ethnicity, geography, media ...
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