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5th-Century-Greeks - -real truth-ignorance is evil...

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September 28, 2009 5 th  Century Greeks: Democracy starts taking effect Corax- developed the doctrine of General Probability (if it doesn’t  seem likely it probably didn’t happen) Tisias (corax students) used the doctrine of General Probability Sophists: -first official teachers of rhetoric -wisdom bearer -teach people how to argue -most probable when democracy was strong Protagorists: - first official teacher of debates Gorgias: -taught the art of language Socrates: -duty to give knowledge -knowledge was a virtue
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Unformatted text preview: -real truth-ignorance is evil Plato:-student of Socrates-hated the sophists, shouldn’t be used for profit, it was unethical-first to bring up ethics-rhetoric should be a tool for spreading his ideal truth-believed only philosopher could obtain this truth-wrote The Republic-IDEAL TRUTH: true knowledge do the right thing Aristotle:-saw value in what Plato and the sophists taught-believed that when there was an issue you should be trained in rhetoric...
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