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6 - questions through open ended prompts 3 How can...

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Brian Hagstrom PSYC 2000 Tue 6:00-9:00 Psychology 2000 Article Requirement Forensic developmental psychology: Unveiling four common misconceptions . 1. Summarize the basic assumptions of the child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome (CSAAS). Are these assumptions supported by research? The CSAAS says that for children to accurately describe their abuse they must be asked specific questions about it over a certain period of time. This is in order to overcome emotional and motivational behaviors that may inhibit their ability to spontaneously talk about their abuse. There is no research that supports these assumptions. 2. How did the findings of Lamb et al. (2003) study demonstrate that it is not necessary to use suggestive and leading questions in order to obtain information from abused children about traumatic events? Lamb found that children were able to provide detailed information when asked
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Unformatted text preview: questions through open ended prompts. 3. How can interviewer bias affect the outcome of interviews of alleged victims of child sexual abuse? Interviewer bias affects the outcome of interviews because when it occurs, the interviewer asks certain questions which provide confirmation and evidence of their own beliefs. They do not consider possible alternative hypothesis. 4. A commonly held belief is that pre-school children are the most susceptible to suggestive questioning, and that suggestibility is not much of a problem for older child witnesses. Does recent research support this claim? Explain. In a 2003 study there was no research to support this claim. There was no evidence that age difference in subjects had any affect on the susceptibility to suggestive questioning....
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