Agent-in-Performance - Ex. voice, sex, habits, clothes,...

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Agent in Performance Performance in Everyday Life Roles / Role Taking – the roles we play everyday ex. Student – Teacher Literary Performance The performer takes on a role of a literary character or a speaker from the text There is a relationship between the author, speaker, and the performer Author – creates the text, text contains the speaker Speaker – does something Performer – interprets what the speaker does Literary Text – in order to understand you need to look at the dramatic speaker Dramatic Speaker Who is speaking? High Definition Low Definition Characterization – traits that are assigned Biological – establishes the person as an identifiable being Ex. human, animal, male, female Physical – any specific quality
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Unformatted text preview: Ex. voice, sex, habits, clothes, tall, short Social – economic status, profession, overall relationships with others Disposition – reflects their personality their moods Psychological – emotional and intellectual aspects Ex. likes, dislikes Morals – ethics Ex. honest, selfish What do they say? Whom are they speaking to? Him or herself?, A group? When and Where? How does the speaker speak? Ex. language, tone, attitude Why are they speaking? Ex. motive Answers: Certainties – given or known facts specified within the text Probabilities – very likely even though not stated outright Possibilities – based on hints Distortions – you know the facts but you decide to take it in a different way...
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Agent-in-Performance - Ex. voice, sex, habits, clothes,...

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