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Audience in Rhetoric Empirical Audience – the audience that is physically there Imagined Audience – the audience that the speaker envision they will be speaking to Target Audience – the people you want to get your message across to Ex. seller of cat food wants to reach people who own cats Actual Audience – the people who actually get the message May or may not be members of the target or empirical audience Universal Audience – an imagined audience of highly rational individuals; an audience of all normal adult persons Elite Audience – an audience of trained specialists and discipline Ex. banking seminar, bankers are the elite audience Rhetorical Audience – the audience that consists of those people who are capable of being influenced by the message Act in a manner relevant to what the speaker wants
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Unformatted text preview: Ex. political ad in Canada Evoked Audience – the construction of the audience created by the speaker for the purpose of persuasion The audience has a hypothetical identity that the speaker created that is different than what they really are Ex. politicians speak to the “American people” Audience Adaptation You forge a link between the speaker’s views and those of the audience A tool to get the audience to listen to you Audience Analysis Demographics Psychographics Rhetorographics Identification Audience members like to identify with the speaker In rhetoric you are trying to create a sense of “we” with the audience Justification – we prefer listening to people with whom we are similiar...
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