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Nov.-8-CMST - -psychological-mood(emotional states changes...

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CMST 1061 November 8, 2006 Lecture Symbols: -arbitrary (not intrinsically connected to what they represent) -private codes – in our relationships, we have words that only the dyad knows -change in meaning – (gay means homosexual now but meant happy earlier) -ambiguous – (their meanings aren’t clear cut or fixed) -abstract – (they stand for many different things, ideas, objects, feelings) -words in and of themselves are not actually the object Influences over Perception -physiological -senses (smells, tastes, seeing things differently from someone else) -age (old people see things differently than younger) -health (if you’re not feeling good, you won’t want to do some things) -fatigue/tired (being overworked can affect your view of the world) -hungry (can get grumpy, etc.) -biological cycles (some people are morning/afternoon people)
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Unformatted text preview: -psychological-mood (emotional states changes how we view people/events)-self-concept (changes whether you find a joke hostile or funny ex.)-personal interest (what you’re interested in)-past experience (ex. Hurt by a dog you’ll see dogs in a scary light)-social-economic status (rich see things differently than poor)-sex and gender roles (women see things differently than men)-occupation (ex. If you go to the park and you’re a botanist, you see the flowers)-culture-race/ethnicity (ex. Rebel flag means something different to many people)-religion-geographic (where you’re from affects how you see things/say things)-space/positions in area (where you are in a certain place/where you’re sitting in a play) Paper Information: -Due Monday Self concept identity management, all interpersonal stuff 3-5 pages if not longer...
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