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CMST 1061 Nov. 15 Lecture Ethnography – studying and learning of people Try to get an understanding of the people who are being studied and decide Avant garde – military term based on the French where they’d send out an army to go out and search for any enemies and they would blaze a trail for the larger army to follow. In the late 1800’s it became an art term for rejecting traditional art and using other mediums to get to their audience. In art society there are three basic categories: Conventional artist – produces art for the masses Modern artist – captures images for the modern world Avant garde – takes on a visionary role and acts as an instrument for social change The avant garde artist is ahead of what society is ready for. Avant garde scene – RENT cow scene protesting Cyber Land (mass production)
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Unformatted text preview: 3 elements of avante garde -stillness (denotes lack of movement and lets audience read performance)-repetition (repeating an action)-inconsistency (being unpredictable, nothing makes sense) Lacks narrative, more often a collage of various art forms, happenings seem to indicate something spontaneous, yet the series of events are planned and tell of a happening Body Art – concerned with the performing body (voice, gesture, movement)-performer turns their body into the performance Types:-people can be living sculptures (gold guy on bourbon) Multimedia performance: (RENT) Incorporates moving images and sounds into the performance Real-time situations where they perform dialogue with the camera, video performance Interactive performances Video sculptures...
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