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Nov.-17-CMST - Characteristics-events you recount are true...

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Avant-garde -a means of shock, questioning, trying to understand what the artist is trying to do Intertextual performance – working with different mediums, creating meaning through different meanings, combination of styles, genres, tones in one performance, if your audience gets it, you haven’t done your job. Mix of mediums to create meanings. Brainstorming avant-garde – glue (holding things together), mixing solutions (some just don’t mix) Personal Narrative – stories about me, greatest lesson I ever learned.
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Unformatted text preview: Characteristics:-events you recount are true, story really happened-you are a character with dialogue-events you recount have already taken place-events reveal your personal values-have 2 other characters and perform dialogue-assume that character/become that character-do a character analysis-each character must have some direct dialogue-1 st person-setup (where, characters, scene, summary, descriptions)-climax-conclusion (what lesson I learned)...
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