Oct.-20-CMST - (wedding, funeral) Accidental Aesthetic –...

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CMST 1061 Oct. 20 Lecture Bring small scantron for test Wednesday Audience and Performance Types of Audiences -Speaker’s Audience (person to whom the speaker of the text is speaking) -Performer’s Audience (observing a communication) Speaker/Audience Relationship -Open (speaker addresses audience directly, speaking to a person in class and everyone hears) -Closed (speaking to someone and another person overhears) Aesthetic Distance – audience must believe the interaction (Snow White about to eat a poison apple, we know it’s part of the play, so we Aren’t going to run up on stage trying to save her, children lack this) Spectators vs. Spectactors Spectators -viewing performances -passive audience members viewing other people’s interactions Spectactors -members in audience who participate in the performance (ex. Barney Live, Sesame Street Live) Accidental Audience – group of people who accidentally go to a performance that is open to all (play, movie, festival) Integral Audience – people become because it is significant to them
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Unformatted text preview: (wedding, funeral) Accidental Aesthetic – plays, public performances Accidental Ritual – watching something they aren’t a part of Integral Audience 0 you know people in the interaction, usually a ritual (wedding) Integral Aesthetic – received special invitation (opening night, first screening of movie) Integral Ritual – participants invited to wedding, etc. Mixed – integral and accidental (ex. Red carpet: celebs, and people watching celebs) Subsets of Cultural Performances: Festival-combination of participation and performance-ex. Mardi Gras, Woodstock-more relaxed in tone-some elements of ritual-not nearly as formal-public or accidental audience-looser structure-many interpretations of its meaning Ritual-combination of participation and performance-ex. Wedding, funeral-most have origins of faith-fusion between audience and performer-no performer=no ritual-more private-more intrical audience-more serious in tone-fixed – people know what to anticipate...
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Oct.-20-CMST - (wedding, funeral) Accidental Aesthetic –...

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