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OUTSIDE_ASSIGNMENT - labeling regarding fiber content(using...

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HUEC 2040 Textile Science OUTSIDE ASSIGNMENT Fall 2011 EXTRA CREDIT VALUE: additional 10 points added to total semester points earned Due: Printed version on Monday, Oct. 3 rd , in class GARMENT LABELING 1. Photograph one garment (your own, one belonging to someone else, or one being sold at retail—a garment either partially or fully covering the body) that has a permanent label listing fiber content, country of origin, and manufacturer as well as care labeling expressed with international symbols. Also photograph images of that garment’s interior labeling that provide information as to fiber content, country of origin, manufacturer, and recommended care. Include these photos (printed on photo paper or on regular printer copy paper) in the assignment. 2. Using the references below, translate into sentence form the information provided on the
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Unformatted text preview: labeling regarding fiber content (using English terms), country of origin, and manufacturer. Then critique the information provided as to whether it follows Federal Trade Commission requirements for labeling. Compose a typed statement that summarizes your analysis. 3. Using the references below, translate the information provided on the garment labeling regarding care by converting the international symbols to English wording to describe the recommended care. Provide the translated information in typed form with the other parts of the assignment. References: Textbook: Understanding Textiles , “Textile Fiber Products Identification Act,” p.17-20, and “Permanent Care Labeling”, p.492-495. Resource posted on Moodle: “Fiber Names in Other Languages.”...
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