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CMST 1061 Sept. 8 Lecture Performance is all the activity of a given participant on a given occasion which serves to influence in any way any of the other participants. Aesthetic- the processes or products that are artistic and/or highly crafted. Elements of Performance: -performers (use: body, voice, clothing) We learn how to act through watching, socialization -text (anything verbal or non-verbal) -context (time, place. .) -audience composition Always considering your environment and your audience. Self-concept: The process through which an individual self or identity is formed through interaction
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Unformatted text preview: with others. Roles are a set of expectations that govern how a person holding a position should behave. Position- social label that tells people who we are Two ways to assume roles:-Role claim- where you actually play the roles-Acting the role and the behaviors associated w/ the role Role taking- where you project yourself into the viewpoint of another person in order to understand information from their point of view. Personal narratives are in our everyday lives. They reveal a lot about cultural practices....
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