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Sept.-11-CMST - THINGS THAT AFFECT YOUR ROLE Role rigidity...

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CMST 1061 Sept. 11 Lecture This weeks pages: Packet 40-50, 61-67 Book 83-95 Construction of Identity Identity- ongoing attributes, attitudes, values, beliefs, and characteristics that we think of as identifying who we really are. Considered to be enduring qualities that differentiate us from other people. Inner core, or central self. Position- social label that tells people who you are Role- set of behaviors associated with the social position How we use our position will determine our role. Guidelines: 1. roles are learned (watching others) 2. roles are general guidelines for behaviors 3. roles affect your belief about self 4. we all have multiple roles to play
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Unformatted text preview: THINGS THAT AFFECT YOUR ROLE: Role rigidity- when a role takes over identity Example: you can’t take yourself out of a role Looking glass self- the self that comes to us from others (if you get positive feedback, you’ll probably continue that role) Social comparison theory- we compare ourselves to others to see where we rate We compare ourselves to people who we consider our peers. Our commitment to the role. (ex. Friend, girlfriend, student) Self perception theory- we learn who we are through self observation The rewards (what are we getting out of playing this role) Gender, culture...
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