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Sept.-25-CMST - Performer/Actor – Other Relationship...

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CMST 1061 Sept. 25 Lecture PERFORMANCE: Cultural performance – rituals for Christmas, things you get from tradition from family. Everyday life we enact roles, we understand the appropriateness of the behaviors to that role. How we speak, how we dress, etc Storytelling – we become a character in the stories we tell and we take on the role of storyteller in order to perform these stories for the audience Types of speakers: - Persona – Poetry - Narrator – Prose - Character – Drama
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Unformatted text preview: - Performer/Actor – Other Relationship between: 1. author (person who creates the text) 2. speaker(s) (that text creates speakers, people or voices who do something) 3. performer (which is shown when the performer interprets the text) Why do we perform: 1. create or maintain identity 2. participate in social rituals 3. share in the role of the other (understand life of another person) 4. share an understanding of your interpretation of a literary work...
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