Ch. 1 - Theory Looks at 1. Content- words or verbal actions...

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Ethan Cannon CMST Chapter 1 Theory Witness phenomena, Repeated over time, Explain/Interpret, Change Behavior/Stay same. 3 Assumptions: 1. Predictable 2. Sense out of life experiences 3. Rules History: 60's/70's- Vietnam/ Changing social structures They begin to change and affect social structures. *Symbolic Interaction* *Symbolic Construction of Reality* Communication Theory To understand theory you must first understand a relationship. Relationships Types 1. circumstance 2. choice Circumstance- is formed bc our lives overlap ex. family choice- is bc you specifically seek out this person charateristics 1. Awareness 2. Coordinated Interaction/ Joint Action 3. Analysis/ Evaluation and we do this through memory Org. Packet (Mops) and we do this through labeling, attributes, and indicators. 3 Dimensions of Relationships 1. Trust 2. Intimacy- The degree which you can be yourself 3. Power Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship 1. Shared Vision 2. Clear Rules 3. Shared Work Ethic 4. Meta Communication- being able to talk about your problems
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Unformatted text preview: Theory Looks at 1. Content- words or verbal actions 2. Relationship- is what is implied Areas( ways we communicate) 1. Intra Personal- Self communication 2. Interpersonal - Dyads - Communication with another person 3. Small Group 4. Organizational 5. Public 6. Healthy Contexts (affect Comunication) 1.Psychological 2.Physical 3.Social 4.Cultural 5.Temporal Perception- Our Selective choice of what Stimuli we pay attention to. 4 Parts 1. Selecting 2. Organizing 3. Interpreting 4. Narrative Roles- set expectations or behaviors that pertain to a certain situation They are learned, they're Gen. Guidlines, they're beliefs about self. Sometimes Roles conflict with each other Social Comparison- theory how well you did compared to others. Pages 1-4 in book covers all of This. .... 2 different Roles I play student athlete Plan my parents have for me To achieve whatever goal I may have...
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Ch. 1 - Theory Looks at 1. Content- words or verbal actions...

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