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FIN 3716 section 006 FIN 3716 section 007 Name City e-mail Name City e-mail Johnson, Matthew Robert Car Atlanta, GA [email protected] Boudreaux, Lesley Paige Baton Rouge [email protected] Miller, Cameron Sloan Atlanta, GA [email protected] Catalano, Denis-Michael Baton Rouge [email protected] Evans, Elizabeth Emelda Atlanta, GA [email protected] Colburn, Morgan Elizabeth Baton Rouge [email protected] Estorino, Jessica M Austin, Texas [email protected] Glorioso, Katharine Rose Baton Rouge [email protected] Gunther, Robert Michael Austin, Texas [email protected] Ansah, Robert Korsah Beverly Hills, California [email protected] Ho, Hop Yen Hardy Austin, Texas [email protected] Coleman, Claire Elizabeth Beverly Hills, California [email protected] Jones, Rickey Jr Austin, Texas [email protected] Elwell, David John Beverly Hills, California [email protected] Dewitt, Margaret Lauren Boston, MA [email protected] Landry, Kristen Suzan Beverly Hills, California [email protected] Ruffino, Alesa Maria Boston, MA [email protected] Clark, Keith Allen
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