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Case Analysis — JCPenney Case — Setting Objective MC 4040 Fall 2011 Your Tasks JCPenney has asked your agency to assist their company with the new upcoming JCP campaign launch, targeting female shoppers, ages 24-35. JCPenney is highly concerned with the way their store is currently tracking, especially when compared to some of the store’s major competitors. JCPenney is interested in targeting new and current female shoppers in hopes of gaining additional market shares in the industry. The company has generated some positive early word-of-mouth through their current advertising campaign but is ready to open up the marketing aspect. On Tuesday, September 6 th , JCPenney wants your agency to come in and give a polished presentation that addresses the target market and supporting marketing, advertising and media objectives. Make sure all four elements of an objective (specific task, measurable, achievable, and time frame) are incorporated. Your presentation should be well-thought out and
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11S_4040_W3_JCPenney_Setting_Objectives_1 - Case Analysis...

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