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Unformatted text preview: MC4040 Case Analysis Guideline - 1 MC 4040 - Advertising Problems-- Case Analysis Guideline ---- Objective The purpose of this project is to introduce you to real decision-making examples that occur in various advertising processes and require appropriate solutions. As a group, you are required to integrate your knowledge, hone your critical thinking skills, and enhance your abilities to identify issues, to analyze situations, and to create and present solutions. Upon successful completion of these case analyses, you will have a better understanding of overall advertising business and be able to develop a more efficient advertising campaign. For each case analysis, a topic-relevant case will be given as a primary reference source. However, you need to conduct more intensive secondary research about the case. That is, you have to find (a lot) more about the cases situation using library sources, Internet, newspaper, trade magazine articles, etc. -- Description 1. Each case is worth 150 points (300 points cumulatively). 2. Two cases will be assigned to each agency/group (see the daily schedule in your syllabus for exact dates and issues). 3. Two agencies/groups will be assigned to each case and serve as case leaders. 4. When your agency/group serves as a case leader, you need to complete the following: a. Prepare a written summary of the case b. Deliver a formal 20 minutes presentation, accompanied by PowerPoint or Keynote, detailing the case and offering your solution 5. If your agency/group is NOT serving as a case leader, you r group MUST complete the following: a. P repare a one page executive summary (see below for details on what is included in an executive summary). i. Unlike a formal executive summary conducted as case leader, your group MUST create an executive summary based on logic . This means that your group DO ES NOT have to conduct extensive secondary research. Rather, your group needs to use logical reasoning to suggest possible solutions to the problems at hand. ii. This does NOT include formal (in-class) presentation . iii. The one page executive summary should be turned in at the beginning of class. 6. After presentations and a question and answer session, the class will vote on which of the two agencies/groups wins the account. 7. Cases will be posted on Moodle on the day when a related topic is discussed in class....
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11F_4040_Case_Analysis_Gideline - MC4040 Case Analysis...

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