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11F_4040_W4_JCPenney_Super_Bowl1 - Case Analysis JCPenney...

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Case Analysis — JCPenney Case — Advertising in Super Bowl MC 4040 Fall 2011 Your Tasks With a budget of $100 million and a task of reinventing the JCPenney brand for female ages 25-34, the Super Bowl seems to be a great opportunity for your campaign. With the campaign kicking off in February of 2012, the timing also seems appropriate. JCPenney asks your agency to determine if Super Bowl advertising is a suitable option for the campaign. Your presentation and written proposal should either support or refute the Super Bowl as a great way to launch the new JCPenney advertising campaign targeting females, ages 25-34. Rationales must support your arguments. If your agency decides JCPenney should move forward with Super Bowl advertising, provide the following information: Why is the Super Bowl beneficial for your JCP campaign, specifically when targeting females, ages 25-34? What have JCP competitors traditionally done with the Super Bowl and do you think your competitors will use Super Bowl 2012 to advertise (if so, how)?
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