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Case Analysis — JCPenney Case — Advertising in Super Bowl MC 4040 Fall 2011 Your Tasks With a budget of $100 million and a task of reinventing the JCPenney brand for female ages 25-34, the Super Bowl seems to be a great opportunity for your campaign. With the campaign kicking off in February of 2012, the timing also seems appropriate. JCPenney asks your agency to determine if Super Bowl advertising is a suitable option for the campaign. Your presentation and written proposal should either support or refute the Super Bowl as a great way to launch the new JCPenney advertising campaign targeting females, ages 25-34. Rationales must support your arguments. If your agency decides JCPenney should move forward with Super Bowl advertising, provide the following information: Why is the Super Bowl beneficial for your JCP campaign, specifically when targeting females, ages 25-34? What have JCP competitors traditionally done with the Super Bowl and do you think your competitors will use Super Bowl 2012 to advertise (if so, how)? What do you recommend as a pod placement strategy (consider/include length and
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11F_4040_W4_JCPenney_Super_Bowl1 - Case Analysis JCPenney...

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