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Unformatted text preview: Case Analysis — United Airlines Case — Media Planning & Strategy MC 4040 Fall 2011 United Airlines History United Airlines is one of the largest international airline carriers based in the United States. According to the company’s website, United Airlines launches over 3,000 flights each day, including both national and international flights. The company began as a mail carrier in the early 1920s, but established itself as a commercial airline service by the 1930s. The airline grew throughout the decades, becoming prominent both domestically and internationally. While the domestic recession in the 1990s caused United Airlines to slow down in terms of growth, the company survived the economic struggles and became one of the top three airlines in the United States. Regardless of the financial success of United Airlines, the company has recently received substantial amounts of negative international publicity relating to customer service. The complaints against one of the most prominent airlines in the United States resulted from the combination of an unhappy customer and his use of social media. The “David Carroll” incident In spring 2008, David Carroll, a musician, boarded a plane with his band, Sons of Maxwell, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in route to Omaha, Nebraska. The flight entailed a single layover at the Chicago O’Hare Airport. While waiting to deplane the initial flight, Carroll and his band mates overheard a woman sitting nearby. The unknown woman stated, “Oh, my God, they’re throwing guitars outside.” Carroll and his band mates quickly looked out of the plane windows and saw United Airlines employees “haphazardly” transferring luggage, including the band’s equipment....
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11F_4040_W8_United_Airlines_Media_Planning_Strategy1 - Case...

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