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Case Analysis — Barq’s Root Beer Case — Copy Testing and Campaign Evaluation MC 4040 Fall 2011 Barq’s Root Beer History: The Barq’s Brothers Bottling Company was founded in 1890 in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Edward Charles Edmond Barq and his younger brother, Gaston, bottled carbonated water and various soft drinks of their own creation. Early on, their most popular creation was an orange-flavored soda called Orangine, which won a gold medal at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, Illinois. Originally, Barq’s was not known as “Barq’s Root Beer.” Instead, only the name “Barq’s” represented a sarsaparilla-type drink, combined with caffeine, less sugar and higher carbonation than other brands. Barq’s differed from other root beers because it was the only brand to include caffeine in the drink. The traditional slogan was, “Drink Barq’s. It’s Good.” Now owned by the Coca-Cola company, Barq’s currently uses the slogan “Barq’s has bite!” a reference to both its caffeine content and its crisper taste as compared to most commercial root beers. Advertising: In the mid-1980s, Barq’s established itself as the number one brand of root beer in Louisiana. However, by the late 1990s, its chief rival, A&W Root Beer, increased its marketing efforts at the same time that Barq’s made changes to their advertising. The result: A&W gained sales while Barq’s lost a considerable amount of the market share. This prompted Barq’s to hire a new agency, Bensimon-Byrne D’Arcy. Barq’s new agency was given this objective: “Make Barq’s the undisputed #1 root beer brand in Louisiana.” To
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Case Analysis — Barq’s Root Beer Case — Copy Testing and Campaign Evaluation MC 4040 Fall 2011 achieve this objective, it was agreed that the brand had to communicate a sense of sociability, quality, and identity- the top three attributes of a leading brand in the mainstream segment of the soft drink category.
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11F_4040_W11_Barqs_Root_Beer_Copy_Testing_ - Case Analysis...

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