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French 1002—Course Description and Policies Fall 2011 Louisiana State University 416 Hodges Hall Department of French Studies Phone: 578-6627 Instructor: Tara Smithson Office: Hodges 401C e-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday from 4:30-5:30 Friday from 11:30-1:30 Welcome to French 1002! Please read the following information carefully to ensure your success in this course. Then, enjoy learning French! Required Course Materials: Textbook: Vis-à-vis 4 th Edition (2008) Amon, Muyskens, Omaggio-Hadley. McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Inc. ( LSU version —sold only at local bookstores! LSU Union, Co-Op, College Supply, Chimes) Quia Book Key (Online Workbook CODE , packaged with textbook or purchased online at http://books.quia.com , click on “bookstore” and search by discipline and publisher . Course Goals and Objectives: French 1002 is the 2 nd course of the two-semester sequence that constitutes the Elementary French Language Program at LSU. It is the departmental policy that the course be taught exclusively in French. You will practice the four basic skills for language development: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing in addition to exploring the cultures of French-speaking peoples around the world. The primary text for this course is Vis-à-vis, 4 th Edition, LSU version , and Chapters 8-12 as well as Chapter 13 lessons 1 and 2 will be covered, with the expectation that all students are familiar with the course content covered in Chapters 1-7 of the textbook. Listening and Speaking represent about 40% of the focus of the Elementary French Language Program. Therefore, presentations, activities, and discussions will be conducted mainly in French and you will need to participate in order to develop your skills and strategies in this area. Listening comprehension exercises online will provide you with more input in French, thereby enabling you to further develop your competence in the French language. Reading represents about 20% of the focus of the program. The goal is for you to achieve reading fluency in order to acquire general and cultural information and knowledge in French. Writing (through daily exercises and compositions) represents about 40% of the focus of the program. Writing regularly is what enables you to systematically process and retain correct sentence structure. Written assignments also enable your Instructor to assess your grammar and vocabulary skill levels. Three (3) Compositions and their revisions will be assigned during the semester.
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Course Policies Course Grade: Your course grade will be based on your performance in the following categories: Preparation/Participation 20% Homework Assignments/Quizzes ( Devoirs ) 10% Online Exercises (6) 10% Compositions ( Rédactions ) (3) 15% Chapter Exams (2) 20% Oral Exams (2) 10% Final Exam 15% 100%
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1002CourseDescriptionPolicies_Fall_2011 - French 1002Course...

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