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Review Guide: (Topics) I. Reading Comprehension There’s no particular way to prepare for this other than knowing your vocabulary and reading some of the longer texts in the book to get in the habit of looking for main ideas and guessing vocabulary from context clues. II. Prepositions (au/en/à la etc.) a. Review book (esp. SM section) b. Review old tests study guides c. Review worksheet III.Present Tense Verb Conjugations (Given a paragraph, you will choose the correct verb and conjugate it in the present tense) a. Review regular er/re/ir endings b. Review all irregular verbs, with special emphasis on CH 8-12 c. Review use of reflexive verbs d. Watch out for verbs conjugated like other verbs (ex-if you know how to conjugate “venir” you should also know how to conjugate “souvenir” and “revenir”… same for prendre and comprendre/apprendre) e. Savoir v. connaitre IV. Passé composé/Imparfait Verb Conjugations a. Review use of each b. Review lists of key words and phrases the signal the use of the p.v
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Review_Guide - Review Guide: (Topics) I. Reading...

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