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1001-017_syllabus - English 1001 Service-Learning Violence...

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English 1001 Service-Learning: Violence Prevention 12:10-1:30 TTH Instructor: Corrie Kiesel Section: 17 Office: 313 Allen 34 Allen Hall Phone: 578-3165 (office) or 231- 2486 (home) Office Hours: 1:30-2:30 TTH, or by appointment email: [email protected] Course Rationale Strong writing skills will help you succeed in your other college courses and in your future career. Many former students have told me at the beginning of English 1001 that they are not good writers or that they hate writing. Writing is not a skill that some people are already good at when they are born. It is a skill that people become good at through lots of practice. Whatever your comfort level or ability as a writer at the beginning of this class, I hope that each of you will leave class more confident about your writing skills. To that end, we will do a lot of writing in this course – both in class and out of class. Be prepared to do some writing every day. Through our service-learning partnership with the Capital Area Family Violence Intervention Center (also known as the Battered Women’s Shelter), we will have an opportunity to meet an important need in our community while at the same time providing a real-world context for research and writing. It is my hope that by connecting learning with service, this course will be a meaningful and memorable experience for all of us. Students in this course will be required to volunteer with the Battered Women’s Shelter for a minimum of 8 hours. There will be a variety of volunteer activities, including one on the LSU campus, to meet your scheduling needs. A sign-up sheet will circulate in class.
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